Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Extreme Bank Affiliate Program Work? In a nutshell, you send traffic to our network of extreme sites. For every person that joins one of our sites that you referred, you earn 50% of the signup PLUS 50% of the recurring membership... for the life of the membership!!!

It all starts with joining the affiliate program. Once you've done that, you'll receive a linking code that you'll want to place on the banners that you'll be using to send visitors to our sites. The linking code is VERY important, as it is the only piece of info that records where the visitor is coming from. Without it, you won't get the proper credit for the sale. We even help you to advertise our sites by giving you free content to display on your site. It's a win-win situation for you... Free content and half the cash!

Can I refer other webmasters? We'd love it if you do. In fact, we'll pay you 10% of your referring webmaster's sales just for doing so. Once you log in, there is a link to promote to other webmasters. Be sure to use that link to get credit.

How often do I get paid? Every week! The week starts on Sunday at 12:01 AM and goes to Saturday night at midnight MST. Checks are distributed by CCBill in Tempe, AZ the following Monday.

How do I know I'll get paid? Can I trust you?You don't have to trust us, or worry about collecting a pay check. ALL of the billing is handled by CCBill, a third party processor with millions of dollars in sales and years of experience. They process the sale, they track the linking code and they distribute the funds on a weekly basis. We get our check at the same time you get yours. We never touch your money, and you have full access to your own stats to see how much you've made. You make the same amount as we do per sale.

Where is the free content?Once you sign up, you will receive an email from CCBIll regarding your signup information. After we review your signup, you will also receive an email from us. This email will also have the login information for the free content. You can get the content by clicking on the CONTENT link at the top of each page of (you will see the link once you log in). You can also access the hosted galleries by clicking on the HOSTED GALLERIES link once you log in.

What can and can't I do with the content?The content is to be used ONLY for promoting our websites, and nothing else. In turn, you will also be adding content to your members area or other website, adding value to your own site. You can post the images as a guest gallery in your members area, but you MUST have the banners linking to our website. No exceptions!! You may resize the pictures if you feel it is necessary, but you may not alter the images or compress them to a low-resolution, crappy image. Also, the watermark MUST remain on all of the pictures, even if you have to re-watermark because of resizing. Remember, these pictures belong to us, and we own the copyrights to them. They are not yours to do with as you please, but they are an advertising tool to help you make money.
Can I serve the images and/or banners from your server?
Yes and no. Feel free to use our hosted galleries at your will, but only the images in the hosted galleries should be hosted by us. The images contained in the zip files that we give you for free content should be served from your own host. However, if you make a gallery we can host it for you. Simply email and we'll get back with you.
How else can I send hits?
Almost any way you want. Well placed banners around your site in addition to the free content work quite well. You can also post to the thumbnail galleries, or TGP's, and daily pic posts. Use our hosted galleries, or design and make your own, whatever works for you, We only have a few exceptions... We do not allow hits from paid search engine placements using exact spellings of our domain names. For example, you can't bid on the search term naughty alysha and send that traffic through your referral url. In addition, we don't allow typos or alternate domain name spellings to send traffic. For example, sites like or are not allowed. Also, we don't allow email traffic...

Can I send hits via email?Absolutely not! Spamming will not be tolerated, and will be cause for immediate cancellation of your account. To be safe, we do not allow any email advertising at all, even if your lists are opt-in only. To be clear, if you use email to send traffic, do it somewhere else.

How much can I make?In theory, the amount is infinite. But, let's say you send just one signup per day to one of our $24.95 per month sites. In the first month you would have made $374. The second month, up to $748. The third, up to $1122, and so on. This is based off only one signup per day. Surely, you'll be able to average more than one per day. Imagine two, or three, or...
Why is your program so good?
Easy... we convert at extremely high ratios. The content on our websites is so extreme and so well received that members stick around alot longer. These aren't just regular, outdated, and carbon copy sites like the thousands available on the net, or another teen site, or any number of the other "gimmick" sites out there. This is a full-hardcore, extreme fetish, niche site that viewers just can't find anywhere else. Plus, the sites are updated on a regular basis, with major updates several times per week, and upwards of 1000 new pictures posted every month, PLUS video clips, live webcam shows, bonus content, and more! The viewers want it and we have it. Period!!
In addition, we rely on CCBill, the best in the business, for all of the transactions and affiliate referrals. They know what they are doing, they are honest, they pay on time every time, and they have great 24/7 tech support.




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